Cheap Unlimited Cloud Storage WIth Google Drive

Young Bornean bearded pig (Sus barbatus) searching a sandy beach for food in Bako National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Young Bornean bearded pig (Sus barbatus) searching a sandy beach for food in Bako National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia.

As photographers, one of our most pressing concerns should be the safety of our photos. We spent time and money to capture our photos and they are now worth something more themselves, so it is important to keep them safe at all costs. We could use external hard drives, our computer’s internal hard drive, or even an expensive RAID server if we can afford it. But, all of these options could crash or go down in a house fire or flood.

The safest option for storing important data today is the cloud. If you don’t know what the cloud is, just think of it as a fancy term for a RAID server (a lot of hard drives linked together so if one goes down the others are still there with the data) with multiple copies stored in separate warehouses all over the world and owned by huge corporations that are entirely unlikely to fail overnight. It’s incredibly safe, especially if you pick to host your data at one of the more reliable companies, like Google, Dropbox, or Amazon.

For a long time, unlimited cloud storage was incredibly expensive. Now, with a Prime account you are allowed unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive. This is the cheapest option if you are already a Prime member, so I recommend starting there. Unfortunately, the interface of Amazon Drive is not nearly as intuitive as Google Drive, which is why I switched.

For $11.98 per month I am subscribed to a G-Suite account, which is basically a Google Business account. It allows me to get my email from my web domain in a nice window like any other Gmail address, gives me access to Google support, and provides me with unlimited Google Drive Storage. I started looking into it for the email, and bought it because I couldn’t believe how cheap it was for unlimited storage.

If you would like to store an unlimited amount of data on the cloud, I highly recommend looking into opening a G-Suite account. Unlike Amazon Drive, Google Drive isn’t offering unlimited storage just for photos, but for ALL files. That means you can back your whole hard drive up to it to make sure you are safe even if your entire computer crashes.

Don’t get stuck in a house fire trying to save your computer, or stay in a city that is about to be hit by a hurricane because you don’t want to leave your RAID server. Get unlimited cloud storage for less than $12 per month and sleep in peace at night knowing that if anything happens your photos will be safe.