How To Sell Your Photography Gear

Sell your old photography gear to make money for new gear.

Sell your old photography gear to make money for new gear.

There are two great ways to sell your photography gear. Craigslist is not one of them. To get the “too long, didn’t read” version out of the way, they are Amazon and eBay.

The reason I say avoid Craigslist, as well as all the other local sites and apps like LetGo and Facebook Marketplace, is because you will get hundreds of scammers calling you and, likely, not a single serious buyer. Your text messages and call logs will be filled with people trying to just buy it now for your highest price and they will pay you with PayPal.

These PayPal payments they send you will look just like the emails you receive from PayPal when you are paid, but they will be forged and link to a website that looks like PayPal but will steal your information. Then you will unknowingly send off your $5,000 lens and be out a lens and the payment. No bueno.

That’s why I like to stick with the two big players. Even though they both take about 10% from your sale, the extra cost is worth it to have them deal with the payments, handling, and any returns. This way you know that people are legitimate when you make the sale.

So, to start listing your items on both of these sites you will first need to make an account. For eBay you can do that here, and for Amazon Seller Central, click here.

Once that’s done, take a few good pictures of your item (that shouldn’t be hard, you’re a photographer after all) and upload them to your sales page so buyers can get a sense of what they are buying. For the description, I like to take snippets of the manufacturer’s description, since they spent thousands of dollars on good copy and it’s there for the taking, as well as write my own specifics on the particulars of my item.

Then just hit post and wait for the buyers to come. This could take days or months depending on the item, the asking price, the quality, etc. Be patient. Selling at a good price is very much a game of patience. Think of the lowest number you are willing to accept before posting and write it down. Put it on your wall if you have to. Don’t go below that number. It will sell for the price you want if you give it time.

Let me know if you have any favorite places you like to sell in the comments below.