What's In My Bag? Wildlife And Stock Photography

Green crested lizard (Bronchocela cristatella) portrait in the jungle of Bukit Lawang, Indonesia.

Green crested lizard (Bronchocela cristatella) portrait in the jungle of Bukit Lawang, Indonesia.

Here is a list of all the gear I carry in my camera bag. Enjoy.

Canon 6D Mark II

This camera got a lot of shit when it came out. People talked shit about the focus points and the dynamic range, the lack of 4K video, and so much more. But I have to say, I like it. If I were buying a camera today, I would only buy a mirrorless camera. But I didn’t buy this today, I bought it a year ago, and it has served me well. I also find the dynamic range to be excellent, and the ISO performance is a vast improvement from my old T6i.

Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 OSM Sports

This lens has been incredible. I bought it used for a bargain and it has gotten me some of the sharpest images with buttery bokeh that I’ve ever taken. It’s a beast--it’s heavy and a pain in the ass to take with me. I always complain when a long trek begins and dream about other lenses I could have. But as soon as I start shooting I always praise the lens and am happy I brought it along. The only issue I have with this lens is that Sigma’s customer support is terrible.

Canon 50mm f/1.8

This lens is incredible. If you are starting out in photography and you want to shoot street, portraits, or just all around stock, buy this lens now. Even if I had a spare $2k to spend, I don’t think I would replace this lens with it’s L counterpart. The 1.8 aperture is good enough for me and it is incredibly sharp. I couldn’t ask for a better deal.

Canon 17-40 f/4

I got this lens for a bargain, used, by trading a Canon 24mm f/2.8 for it in Malaysia. I'm still happy about that trade, as I love the flexibility of a zoom over a prime for landscape photography, which is my primary use for this lens. This is the lens I have on my camera for 95% of sunrises and sunsets I photograph. I also took it with me on the street when I visited the Roman Colosseum, since I knew it would require a wide angle to capture the whole structure. I would prefer a newer 16-35 f/4, but for the price this is a great lens.

Sigma 2x Teleconverter

One beauty of having an f/2.8 telephoto lens is the ability to double the zoom range and still have an aperture of 5.6. I use this teleconverter all the time when photographing birds and other small animals, as well as when I'm at parks what where it is not allowed to get too close to the animals.

Tripod with RRS BH-55 Ballhead

I don't always have this in my bag, but I do strap it to the bag when I'm going out for sunrise and sunset. It's heavy and bulky and I don't always want to carry it if I'm not going to use it. Usually it stays in my car and I grab it if I need it.


  • Extra batteries (3)

  • Canon wireless remote trigger

  • SD cards in a Pelican case

  • Shower cap from a hotel bathroom (for keeping water off the lens in rain and at rivers/waterfalls